Emergency Prep Fair - 2009

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Our fair was held Sept. 18th and 19th. This is a list and brief description of each of the classes.

 Emergency Preparation Fair 2009
Class Descriptions
5 Steps to 90-Day Food Storage —We have been wisely counseled to get a 90-day supply of food for our families.  Come get motivated and learn how to make this almost overwhelming task as easy as 1-2-3…4-5! (Jenee Uzelac and Afton Baxter)
Alternative Power Sources 1—Do you realize how dependent we are on electricity?  What would you do if the power grid goes down?  Come learn about alternative power options to keep yourself out of the dark! (Doug Thompson)
Alternative Power Sources 2—Solar power systems—Renewable energy!  Come learn how to harness the power of the sun and put together a simple solar/battery system to take care of your most basic power needs! (Doug Thompson)
Amateur Radio (HAM) - This class explores the need of family emergency communication and introduces the usefulness of amateur radio.  The class explains basics of amateur radio and the requirements for licensing.  We will take the fear and apprehension out of amateur radio.  Join us and start a new hobby today. (Brett Bailey)
Beans 1– Beans are both budget friendly and healthy–They are an important addition to your food storage.  Come learn how to store, prepare, and cook.  Learn how to replace all or part of the fat in baking with “bean butter”.  Learn the nutritional benefits of beans and how to make them digestive friendly.  (Angie Lewis)
Beans 2—Did you know that you can grind your beans into flour or make them into edible sprouts?  Lean the digestive and nutritional benefits of sprouting. (Angie Lewis)
Dehydrating - Introduction to dehydrating - Preserving food not only helps with self reliance but is a money saver.  This class will start you on the road to one of the best ways to preserve food. (Lily Herrmann)
Gardening 101—An important part of self-reliance is growing your own food.  Come learn different methods and tips for growing a successful garden! (Newt Stanger / ABCeeds)
Gardening 110—Harvesting seeds from your garden and reusing them the next year is an important part of self-reliant gardening.  Come learn how you can save your seeds from year to year along with other valuable gardening helps. (Newt Stanger / ABCeeds)
Natural Remedies 1—Herbs and Foods—The Dr. Mom class!  Come learn how to use simple herbs and foods that can be found in your home or are easy to find to treat a variety of symptoms and illnesses. (Taunya Robbins)
Natural Remedies 2—Essential Oils—You hear about them all the time but what are they and what are they used for?  Come learn how to use these easy-to-use and effective oils to treat common symptoms and illnesses! (Taunya Robbins)
Pandemic Preparation —Whether it’s swine flu or another devastating pandemic, knowing how to keep yourself and your family healthy could mean the difference between life and death.  Come learn how to stay healthy in a time of wide-spread illness. (Cynthia Cox)
Powdered Milk —Yogurt, buttermilk, cheeses, sour cream…there’s so much more you can do with powdered milk than just make milk!   Come learn how!! (Tami Girsberger)
Sanitation —Not the most exciting topic of discussion—but when it comes to emergency prep.—it’s one of the most important.  Come learn how to safely deal with garbage, human waste, and other sanitation issues in times of emergency. (Susan Bytendorp)
Water Storage and Purification —Clean water is essential to life.  Come learn the best ways to store and purify water for times of emergency! (Tami Girsberger)
Wheat —It’s in your basement—but  do you know what to do with it - besides making bread?  You will be amazed at the variety of things you can make with this inexpensive, healthy and versatile grain! (Kris Kemker)

Cooking With Volcano Stoves and Insta Fire
- We are pleased to have the creator of Insta Fire come and do a cooking  demonstration on the Volcano Stoves and Insta Fire for us.  Come and see how these 2 great products can make cooking without electricity easier and more time efficient. (Konel Banner)
Cooking Without Electricity - The power goes out, the stove and microwave doesn’t work, dinner is in two hours...now what?  This demonstration will help you identify and efficiently utilize household items to cook and bake your meals.  The demonstration will focus on box ovens, hay ovens, propane vs. other gas stoves and solar ovens.  (Brett Bailey)
Hands On Cooking —OK, that’s enough classroom learning.  Now it is time for some hands on!  Come bring whatever method of cooking without power that you have now and come experiment with it.  Whether you try out a new food storage recipe or open a can of Campbell’s soup, you will learn more by cooking yourself and from seeing what others are doing as well!  Bring everything you need to cook as well as the food to cook!! (YOU!!!)
Solar Cooking Demonstration —Solar cooking requires no fuel, and it’s a simple, versatile and effective way to cook!  Come learn how to cook using the power of the sun! (Connie Mason)

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