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River Ridge Neighborhoods

Lampton Farms is a neighborhood in South Jordan, Utah.  This web-site was originally intended to be for one neighborhood only, but has expanded to include a total of nine areas.  It would more appropriatley be named River Ridge. 

In our neighborhoods we have embraced emergency preparedness because we feel it is important not only to educate and prepare ourselves but also our neighbors.  We know we could not turn away our neighbors in an emergency; however, we will not be able to help everyone if they do not prepare themselves.  So the best option is to help our neighbors become educated about emergency preparedness and help them gather the products that will be usefull in an emergency.  We do this by offering group buys regularly though the year, holding emergency preparedness fairs, offering C.E.R.T. training on a yearly basis and holding C.E.R.T. drills. 

Our neighborhoods are split up by LDS Church boundaries (we are not affiliated with the LDS Church although we do try to correlate with them and they do allow us to use their facilites on occasion).  The state of Utah uses these boundaries to label neighborhoods for contact information etc.  The LDS region of our neighborhood is the River Ridge Stake also classified as a district.  It is then broken into nine different areas (LDS Wards).  Each ward/neighborhood has an Emergency Preparedness Director.  If you need to know what ward/neighborhood you are in or need to know who your Emergency Preparedness Director is please contact Sheri

We do have some neighborhoods we need help with.  We can't do the ordering for every area/neighborhood without someone willing to compile the orders.  If you are interested in helping please contact Sheri

We use the 3 Steps plan to organize our neighborhoods. I would encourage you to read it.  C.E.R.T. training goes along with 3 Steps and uses the same boundaries and block captains as the 3 Steps plan.  A.V.E.R.T. is a non profit group that helps to teach C.E.R.T. classes and provide equipment to C.E.R.T. trained individuals.
Please feel free to participate in our classes, training and group buys if you live in our neighborhoods or not.